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It's been a harsh learning curve with our recently diagnosed elderly Dane, but discovering these treats was a unexpected blessing. We ordered Eggs & Bacon and Beef & Veg, both of which were greedily wolfed down.... WITHOUT ANY REPROCUSSIONS!!!! They are light af, apparently tasty, and give my pup joy without pain. All around win. Also, great customer service-reaching out to let me know when they were shipped (fast) and providing tracking information. Thank you for finding a way to make this happen. 💙🐾💙

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Kelsie Brown


Love that there is something out there specifically for ME dogs. My labradoodle Millie was diagnosed just a month ago with ME & Addison’s disease. It’s been so hard trying to find things that she enjoys & can keep down. These are fantastic & I love that they are heart shaped. Thank you for making a great product!

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My dogs (even the non ME one!) love these! :)

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Amazing customer service and my ME girl, Freya, loves these treats!

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Heidi Trump


These have been a game changer for my megaesophagus girl Zeva! We can even use them in limited quantities for training without upright time! They really get her drooler going... she doesn't even drool on a regular basis! Thank you so much for making a treat these special pups can enjoy!

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Deborah O'Rourke


Thank you for making something that I can reward my ME puppy with! I have been using these for a couple of weeks and my puppy has tolerated them well. We use them during our puppy class for reward also, and the instructor was familiar with MegaEsophagus. She was impressed when I showed her what we were using for treats. I will definitely be ordering more!

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Summer Nation


My puppy loves them! They were going to be late so the seller sent them faster at their expense and included an extra bag for my puppy! Super great customer service. I wish they were more affordable so we could buy more. But for a special treat they are great and I don’t have to worry about my megae dog eating them! Thanks so much!

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Kimberly Golden


Perfect puffs for my mega e girl! THANK YOU!!!!

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Catherine Skoog


My dog Pepper loves the treats. Was nice to find something she can have. She was so sad when she couldn’t have here regular treats any more.

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Hailey Tye


My pup LOVES THEM! Excellent customer service and so helpful!

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Amazing! Our Girl loves these and has no regurgitation with them!

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Janet Cruickshank


To say my ME dog, Winston, loves these is an understatement. When the package arrived he went crazy with excitement. Poor guy has never been able to have treats before so these Mega Puffs are such a blessing. Wish I could get a pic of him having one but he wolfs it down too fast for me to do so.

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These work wonderful for my dog with Megaesophagus!!!!! Absolutely love this product!!!

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