Hello, I'm Bronson. It's nice to meet you.

A wholesome, gourmet, melty  treat created especially for your MegaEsophagus dog, like me!

Great for pets with dental issues, finicky eater, ingredient sensitivities, swallowing conditions, etc  or just because your pet deserves a healthier treat!

Treat Flavors

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Bacon & Eggs

This deliciously bacony treat made of Pork Bone Broth, Whole Egg Powder and uncured, nitrate free bacon ends from non-GMO, pasture raised pigs.


Beef & Veggies

This savory treat is made with Beef Bone Broth from grass fed, pasture raised, non-GMO beef and organic sweet potatoes, carrots, corn and green beans.


Chicken & Veggies

This yummy treat is made with Chicken Bone Broth from pasture raised, non-GMO chicken and organic carrots, corn and green peas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your treats made of?

Bronson's Mega Puffs are made from 100% pure Bone Broths, organic  vegetables and other healthy ingredients for added natural flavor.

What preservatives are in Bronson's Mega Puffs?

None. There are no preservatives are used in Bronson's Mega Puffs. Our freeze dried puffs can last 10-25 years as long as they are not exposed to oxygen. Please take care to zip seal your treat bag after use use and retain the enclosed oxygen absorber until your treats are all gone.

What is in the bone broth you use?

Our bone broths are made from scratch using only marrow bones, filtered water and organic, raw apple cider vinegar. All marrow bones are locally sourced from western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio and are either from grass fed (beef) or pasture raised (chicken and pork). All of our protein sources are antibiotic free, GMO free and nitrate free for the maximum health benefit for your pet.

How does Bronson NOT regurgitate his treats?

Bronson's Mega Puffs are a freeze dried treat. What makes our freeze dried treats optimal for ME dogs and other types of afflictions is that when the treat meets with your pet's saliva, it reconstitutes into a small amount of liquid unlike other freeze dried treats that reconstitute to their original solid form.

What flavors do you have?

Bronson's Mega Puffs come in three flavors.
1) Bacon & Eggs
2) Beef & Veggies (beef, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn and carrots)
3) Chicken & Veggies (chicken, peas, corn and carrots)

How do I store my Bronson's Mega Puffs?

Bronson's Mega Puffs are freeze dried. Under customary conditions, unopened they have a shelf life of 20+ years (but I don't think your ME dog would appreciate that very much). Once opened, keep the oxygen absorber in the bag with your puffs and always reseal the zip closure.

Are Bronson's Mega Puffs just for dogswith MegaEsophagus?

NO WAY! Bronson's Mega Puffs are perfect for any pet. We love all our furry friends!

Why create a treat for Mega-E dogs?

This is how it all came about ...

Bronson became a family member at 6 weeks old. He was little, kind of skinny but a super cute ball of fluff. We drove 520 miles to go get our lil bundle of joy. On our way home from picking him up, he threw up. On the 9 hour drive home, every time he ate, drank water, swallowed anything - he threw up. After two weeks of nursing what was thought to be sensitivity issues during the weening process or to solid food, we happened to be at the vet for a set of shots and we shared our concerns. Diagnostic testing was performed and guess what? Your 8 week old puppy has MegaEsophagus. What the what?!?!! So, what do you do? You scope out what the internet has to say about MegaEsophagus. At first, our search made us believe that his diagnosis was a death sentence but as you know once you get over the initial shock of a ME diagnosis, you deal with it. Elevated feeding, smaller meals throughout the day, Bailey Chair, etc. - done! It's different, it's ssoooo weird, it's high maintenance but of course, as I mentioned, he was super cute so we'll do what we need to do for him. After all that, his weight was increasing, we couldn't feel his bones anymore, the vet is really happy with his progress so we were happy. Yayyyy!

Now, a puppy is a puppy. Puppies jump, pull, bite, mouth people, run amuck - OMG so many juvenile issues! We think what anyone would think, let's get this crazy baby some training because he's doing ALL of these things. We need to bring a collar, a leash and his favorite treats. Stop the press - he can't have treats! We can't work on "sit", give a treat, elevate and wait 20 minutes, "sit", give a treat, elevate and wait 20 minutes - you know exactly what I mean. They said "try a toy". We tried. Needless to say Bronson just looked at me like "Dude, I have a basket of ones just like that at home. I'm not sitting, you sit!"  Toys aren't his motivation, FOOD is his motivation! For those that say hugs, kisses and toys work for training, I'm envious but not OUR boy. We tried a lick type treat - he got frustrated and would continually bite the container and become disenfranchised with the concept. We tried extruded baby treats with no success. He would smell the meaty, savory treats down every aisle and at that point we were invisible. He was more interested in what his furry friends were having. Not to mention, he would regurgitate a paste ball after more than a handful of them. Not good.  So, what's the solution? After once again searching the internet for an appropriate treat, it appears there is no specific type of savory pet treats specifically for dogs with Mega-E that they can actual EAT. Of course, there isn't!!!! Again, what now?!

Being the research dork I am, I start researching. Research, research and more research. Now off topic a bit but about me. I am the type of person that, when I expect something to be a certain way, it needs to be that way. If it can’t be that way or I can’t buy what I'm looking for, I’ll handle it myself. Unfortunately for my family, that applies to EVERYTHING – from parties to home renovation to landscaping. I have no problem doing a ton of researching, investigating, trial and error, getting down and dirty with my latest projects. With that in mind, when I see there is no treat for Bronson and lil fur babies like Bronson, I am so disappointed. So I think to myself, I can do this, we'll make one! However, it can't be just any old treat. With all of the additional issues ME dogs can have, it needs to be THE BEST OF THE BEST. No bad things - only premium, quality ingredients. No pastey flour balls to regurgitate, no sugars or milk base to cause intestinal distress.

Bronson's Mega Puffs are made from locally sourced grass fed, pasture raised and/or organic protein sources. The bacon used is uncured and nitrate free. The vegetables are all organic. Bronson's Mega Puffs have no soy, no gluten, no dairy, non-GMO, no preservatives, no additives, no added sugars, flavors or colors. They are onion, garlic and nightshade free.

Bronson's Mega Puffs were made especially for dogs with Mega-Esophagus but are not solely for dogs with ME. Dogs with dental issues, difficulty swallowing, sensitivities to certain ingredients, elderly pets or holding down heavy food can all benefit from these treats. Just because our fur babies are special doesn't mean they should have to do without a reward or a motivator or a "just because" treat.

We hope your furry friend enjoys them!

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